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    Protect yourself by erasing internet tracks.


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  Track Eraser Deluxe
  Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


Have you ever had such experience that others sit before your PC and find out where you've been on web, what media you played, and what applications you've used? It can be embarrassing, isn't it? Now, use Track Eraser Deluxe, let the trouble go with the wind.
Track Eraser Deluxe enables safe and easy removal of unnecessary tracks of your Internet activities to secure your online privacy. Its stable performance is ensured by advanced XML technology and a wide range of free plugins.


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Track Eraser Deluxe



   Key Features:

track eraser Safe and easy erasing:
     Erase tracks of Windows, browser, and applications safely and easily. 
track eraser Enhance performance
     Remove unnecessary files on hard disk to save valuable space and enhance system

track eraser Advanced XML-based technology:
    More stable and extendable base on the advanced XML technology. 
track eraser Silent erasing in Stealth Mode
    Conduct erasing silently in the background. 
track eraser Automatic schedule erasing
    Erasing schedule enables automatic erasing at any time you like. 
track eraser A wide range of free plugins
    A wide range of free download plugins for most popular applications. 
track eraser Supports all Windows® versions:
    Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP. 
    Much, much more ... 

 Browser Items  Application Items

Browser Auto Complete Data
Browser Cache Files
Browser History Logs 
Browser Cookies
Browser Favorites (if you want to)
Browser Auto Complete Password
Browser Type URLs
Google Toolbar Search History

Office Recent Files
RealOne Recent Playlist
AcdSee's Recent List
AOL's Chat Log and Temp Files
Divx Player's Play List 
Media Jukebox's Play List
Media Player's Recent List
PowerDVD's Play List
Real Player's Recent List
ICQ 2000's Cache and Temp Files
Acrobat Reader's Recent List
Winzip Recent List
Agent News Reader's Recent List 
Download Accelerator 
GO!ZILLA's Recent List 
KaZaA's Recent List 
Morpheus's Recent List 
MusicMatch Jukebox's Recent Playlist 
NetCaptor's Recent List 
SWiSH 2.0's Recent List 

 Windows Items

Recent Files List 
Empty Recycle Bin
Recent Run List
Windows Temp Directories
Net Hood
Windows Logon History
Search Computer History
Telnet History


   User's Comments:  

Great Product! It works exactly as I hoped it would. This is the most useful tool for people with internet. As a software author myself I am not easily impressed... but you managed to keep it simple and easy to use and yet powerful all at the same time, well done! 

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