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    Protect yourself by erasing internet tracks.


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Have you ever imagined that your use of applications such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, Adobe Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro leaves tracks in your hard drive which can be easily found out by others who use your computer? They can find out what pictures you view, what web sites you visit and what media you play. With our FREE Plug-ins you can rest for sure that these unwanted tracks can be cleared safely and quickly. 

We have been expanding our application list, if you know any applications not listed below, please e-mail us at

Plug-in Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions below to install Track Eraser Deluxe Plug-ins:

1. Close Track Eraser Deluxe if it is currently running on your system.

2. Download the Plug-in file you need and save the file to Track Eraser Deluxe  Plug-in directory (default is C:\Progam Files\
Track Eraser Deluxe\Plugin).

3. Run
Track Eraser Deluxe, and you'll see the new Plug-in under the Application list.

Plug-in List

Agent News Reader

AOL Instant Messenger

DLExpert v0.99

Download Accelerator (DAP) 1

Download Accelerator (DAP) 2


Hotbar 3.0 1

Hotbar 3.0 2


Morpheus 1

Morpheus 2

MS Photo Editor

MusicMatch Jukebox


Netscape Mail

Real Download 4.0

SWiSH 2.0

The Player

NOTE: Plug-ins are preset to erase on applications DEFAULT INSTALLATION options, and they may not work should any change be made to the install paths or any other utility default. 

IMPORTANT: We are not liable for any loss of data or damage to system caused by Plug-in use. Plug-ins are provided as is, and they are not guaranteed to work on all systems. 

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